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Water, water everywhere…

Are you aware that today is World Water Day? There’s a good chance you’re not. Most of us won’t recognize it, or celebrate it. It got me thinking, though… In real estate, one of the things we see come up in home inspections are issues with water. It could be evidence of a leak on […]


… and… don’t rely on luck to find your dream home!

Finding a four-leaf clover is supposed to bring you good luck. It would probably help to have a four-leaf clover if you’re looking for one…because, good luck trying to find one. They’re rare and super hard to find. I guess if you were so inclined, you could find a field of clovers and look through […]


Don’t rely on luck when you sell your home!…

With Saint Patrick’s Day here, I got to thinking about luck and selling your house. When you sell your home, you’re going to want it to sell quickly and for the highest amount possible. And when you decide to sell your home, your friends and family will probably wish you “good luck”. Go ahead and […]