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What Does MLK Have To Do With Real Estate?

Fill in the blank… “I have a _________…” I’m about 100% sure I can guess what word you chose. Was it “dream”? Good chance it was. We all know this line from Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous speech. So when we hear those first three words, it sort of naturally comes to mind. But what […]


2018… Year of the “S”?

I’m sure you’ve heard the argument… Someone says, “Happy New Years!!!”… with an “S” at the end. And then someone goes and corrects them… “It’s not plural. It’s just Happy New Year!…no “S” But really, either way it’s fine by me. It’s the sentiment… not how someone says it to me. So, if the “S” […]


Here’s To Santa Bringing You A Dragon This Year!

Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas… …and say that I hope Santa brings you everything on your wish list! Hey… you never know! Maybe Santa can bring you a dragon… Or maybe your home value is accurate on Zillow… It’d be a miracle, but… After all…the true reason we celebrate Christmas is all […]