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What does the time changing have to do with real estate?

Millions of people adjust the time on their clock now that daylight savings is ending. But what’s weird is that it’s not done everywhere; also, the actual date of when the time change occurs is different in some areas of the world. It isn’t universal. Adjusting to the time change is confusing enough for people […]


If a house is haunted…

This is the time of year for haunted houses. They pop up for a few weeks, people flock to them, and then they disappear until next year. Some people love the controlled scare of haunted houses, while others wouldn’t be caught dead (pun intended) in one. But what about a real haunted house? How many […]


Am I nuts for asking this?

Today is National Nut Day. Did you know that peanuts aren’t even nuts? Nope. They’re legumes. But they get lumped in with every other nut out there, by lots of people. Same with real estate agents… kind of. There’s certainly some real estate agents out there who are nuts… and the ones who aren’t often […]